Use Soundcloud to promote E-Books

The platform you are looking for promoting your audio books is just available with Soundcloud. It has the drop box that is there for making you come across the submitted files along with the fact that you can easily share whatever you want with your groups whether it’s family, friends or official one. The comment features are also there to give you way for proofing the file. There are numerous players available that after you are over with your work, make it presentable in simplest possible respects with different websites as well as social networks. Another way is to pay to Soundcloud. In case you want to advertise links that are there to make people come across their promotion.

Other than this it can also work with the Faber book which is a short story audio book, developed by Willy Vlautin for his promotion of the collection. Further it is also added to the links that are then worked with different players and are sent to audio book blogosphere as Facebook or things like that.

Penguin Books also used the Soundcloud for the promotion and publishing of their lot related to snippets together with they are distributing their stuff to iTunes and other social setups.

Penguin Podcast:

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